Sync your desktop browser to Firefox Mobile (Fennec) with Mozilla Weave!

firefox-mobile-fennec-weave-1Talk about a cool little feature. Mozilla’s own entry into the mobile browser war, fittingly known as Firefox Mobile (codename: Fennec), is shaping up to be quite a capable mobile browser. And, with today’s news that Fennec is now being developed with support for Mozilla’s Weave service, Firefox Mobile is looking like a great mobile browser.

Mozilla’s Weave service basically tracks the webpages and tabs that you have open in your desktop Firefox browser. By synchronizing all your Firefox browsers across all your computers with the Weave service, you can basically surf the web from exactly where you left off, regardless of where you are. With Weave, your web browser follows you around, remembering what you were doing. How cool is that?

Even cooler now that Mozilla boffins are toiling away to bring Weave to Fennec! With Weave support, Mozilla is poised to conquer both the desktop and mobile web browsing markets with a seamless browsing experience that we’ve yet to see from any other web browser. Mozilla is definitely a bright spot in the mobile browser space, we’ll be keeping a close watch on them.

(Keep in mind that all the Weave UI elements are in rough form, we’ll likely see a more polished UI in Firefox Mobile)

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