Mac OS 7 running on an iPhone!

system-7-iphone-1Just how powerful are our mobile phones these days? Powerful enough to run a desktop-class operating system from just a dozen, or so, years ago. This time around, the iPhone is being used as a surrogate computer for the Apple computer OS known to harder-core Mac enthusiasts as Mac OS 7, or System 7. A development team, known as the MacOS iPhone Project, has birthed an iPhone natively running the Mac OS 7 operating system.

The MacOS iPhone Project’s breakthrough was weeks in the making. The team initially had some difficulty getting the iPhone’s touchscreen to play nice with System 7’s mouse-cursor, but then went on to bring full Mac OS 7 functionality to the iPhone. After some tweaking and further development, they had everything from calculator to MacPaint working on the iPhone.

And, once the team has put their finishing touches on the code, they’ll be releasing it for public consumption.

For now, enjoy the pics.

[Via: Softpedia]

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