New Version of Facebook for BlackBerry Spied

The latest version of the Facebook application for BlackBerry has bubbled up to the blogosphere, revealing tighter integration with BlackBerry’s native functions: messages, calendar, and contacts. Facebook had recently begun a Phonebook app which gathered up all of your friends’ available phone numbers into one place, and once it’s out, the app will make sure your address book stays up to date. Of course, having caller IDs with their latest profile picture is pretty cool too. Besides that, Facebook notifications will now pop up in your messages folder, so no more having to deal with the Facebook app proper. This is backpedalling a bit, as the current app is built entirely on filtering e-mail notifications and separating them from the native Messages folder, but it will likely be more convenient. Calendar events will reflect invitations recieved on Facebook, as well as keep you posted on friends’ birthdays. Version 1.5 looks to be a solid update overal, and will likely be available soon.

[via BGR]

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