Radio Shack pushing Verizon Wireless once again

verizon-radio-shackVerizon Wireless and Radio Shack parted ways a few years back, when AT&T was the leading US wireless carrier. Since then, Radio Shack has been a one-carrier type of retailer. Tomorrow that all changes.

Boy Genius has confirmed that Radio Shack will once again offer customers Verizon Wireless cellphones and Verizon Wireless plans (of course). The move will allow Radio Shack to cash in on the hype built around Verizon’s new position as the market leader in the US, and will bring high-end smartphones like the BlackBerry Storm to Radio Shack’s handset lineup.

Radio Shack will be offering eight Verizon Wireless handsets:

  • LG Chocolate 3 – $49.99
  • LG enV2 – $39.99
  • LG Dare – $129.99
  • Nokia 6205 – $19.99
  • LG VX5500 – FREE
  • Samsung Knack – $29.99
  • BlackBerry Curve – $129.99
  • BlackBerry Storm – $199.99

Of course, you’ll have to sign up on a two-year contract with Big Red in order to get those prices. But, at least now you can help support your local Radio Shack!

[Via: BGR]

  • Mike

    And the company that never dies gets yet ANOTHER breath of life.

  • andy

    How will they be able to carry Sprint, ATT , and Verizon?
    Becuase quite frequently Sprint Offers bill credits to switch from
    Verizon to Sprint. Are they really going to get tied up in a
    Deadbeat carrier like Verizon?

  • JPM

    I would love this to be true, being a RS salesperson. I’m pretty low on the totem pole, but haven’t heard anything about this. I don’t think our agreements with Sprint and AT&T allow for another postpay carrioer in our corporate RS branded locations.

    However, RS did recently launch 3 PointMobl wireless concept stores in Texas. The PointMobl stores do carrier Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and TMobile. It would explain why the handsets are in the company’s inventory.

  • Tim

    This is true, all you have to do is check the spiff, ring-credit and bolt on list and you will see VZW has been added on. Also we currently sell other carriers beside AT&T and Sprint. We sell Alltel in markets that dont cover either of the other two as well as T-Moblie online only, but this too could be changing. I heard about this over a week ago when i saw a price update come in that had VZW phones on it. Also I had a feeling that this was going to happen when VZW got Alltel.

  • Dan

    They are only selling Verizon in stores that carried Alltel. Verizon’s merger with Alltel was completed earlier this year. Stop and think, this makes sense. Verizon is not being carried in all stores, just a few.

  • Manager

    Hey JPM, RS did open three Pointmobl stores in Dallas, but they do not sell Verizon…..They sell Sprint, ATT and T-Mobile. NO VERIZON, that is not why the phones were in the company inventory. Verizon bought Alltel, that is why the company has the phones in there inventory.

  • Quadzyme

    Radio Shack Always has the best deals on wirelsss phones of any carrier…always has always will.

    I love The…………………………………SHACK……

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