Palm Pre makes a product-placed appearance on Jimmy Fallon

In what looked like a clever product pitch on NBC’s Jimmy Fallon, Engadget’s Joshua Topolsky made an appearance on the talk-show to show off the Palm Pre. PhoneDog‘s Noah Kravitz notes that Joshua Topolsky denies that the TV spot was a setup to pitch the Palm Pre, and says that Jimmy Fallon specifically requested to have Topolsky bring the Palm Pre on the show. It looks like a product-placed duck, and it walks like a product-placed duck, does that necessarily mean the Palm Pre’s spot on Jimmy Fallon was a setup?

Product placement or not, the Palm Pre hype is starting to rev-up mainstream media outlets. Palm’s push to make the Palm Pre a new iPhone-killing smartphone for the masses may actually come to fruition if they can keep the marketing machine chugging along as it is. Topolsky did do an admirable job of showing the world the power and usability of the Palm Pre and its WebOS, so we have to give him a hand for that. Maybe we’re just jealous that Palm allowed Topolsky to actually not only put hands on the Palm Pre but demonstrate the upcoming smartphone on national television.

[Via: PhoneDog]

  • Chingon

    I’m jealous TOO, big time, but oh well, great presentation, Can I Haz Pre NOW? Please Palm/Sprint, HURRY to get the Pre out, I want it NOW. Those of my friends with iPhones say that AT&T service sucks, they will jump to Sprint/Nextel to get the Palm Pre, as soon as it comes out.

  • Tatiana Sundahl

    I’ve had my Pre given that shortly after launch and am glad to find (as a result of this forum) that I can now set a ring tone on incoming text messages and can look for via e-mails and such. Now is there any hope for an upcoming release by which I can seek my calendar? Would make my work a lot simpler, discovering dates of final appointments. No other complaints, except that yesterday I was in and out of Sprint support (not unusual). I think I was roaming, and looked at my calendar. Every little thing inside calendar was 1 hour earlier than what I had input. The clock was 1 hour early as nicely. I was scared to death–then, as soon as we got back into Sprint support once again, everything was normalized. Has this happened to any person else?? Searching forward to answers, but please bear in mind, I’m no techie and speak English as opposed to technospeak.

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