New Twitter BlackBerry App Plugs right into Messages Folder

I’m really trying to dig into twitter (@SimonSage, for those interested), but it’s hard to do in Canada, since we can’t get SMS alerts. Yeah, you can use data to update via the web, or even third-party apps like TwitterBerry, and Viigo is getting their feet wet there too, but any instance where you have to launch an app makes twitter more of a sideshow rather than the all-encompassing social networking vortex that our SMS-receiving brothers to the south can happily get sucked into.

Luckily, I just got wind of this new BlackBerry app, Yatca (Yet Another Twitter Client Application), that integrates directly with your native messages folder. Right now you can only set it to 5 minute update intervals, but surely with the BlackBerry push APIs becoming available, it won’t take long before we see some real-time twitter updates. Now, if only the icon could be a “T”… “Y” just seems so weird after using TwitterBerry. To find more info on Yatca, hit up their blog, or to dive right in, you can download it for free over the air here.

[via MiBlackBerry]

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