Mobile number porting may be coming to Google Voice!

google-voiceGoogle is apparently hell-bent on rocking the mobile industry with its various mobile services. Google Voice, recently announced as the new face of GrandCentral, has the potential to rethink the way mobile subscribers use their various phone numbers. And, Google’s looking to make the transition to Google Voice even easier – Google will be allowing users to port their mobile number to Google Voice!

Rather than handing out yet another phone number for its users to remember and distribute, Google’s number-porting support will allow for a seamless transition to Google Voice. Google already allows you to take your Google Voice phone number with you to other carriers, should you so choose, so it makes sense that Google support incoming number ports. The Google Voice service is already expected to offer a full-featured web-based interface, and the introduction of number-porting might just smash the last barrier to adoption.

As with anything future-planned Google service, number-porting may or may not materialize for Google Voice. Google is asking for feedback from potential and existing users to gauge whether or not number porting is a worthwhile investment. If you think it might be convenient to port your phone number to Google Voice, let Google know here.

[Via: Lifehacker]

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