Skype iPhone App Downloaded 1 Million Times… and Counting!


If you were one of the few that thought Skype for iPhone wasn’t that big of a deal… let me lay some numbers down on ya this morning. Since the Skype iPhone Application hit the Apple App Store Tuesday, it has seen more than 1 million downloads. That’s right… 1 Million! Congrats Skype! A neat little tidbit about that crazy number is that if you work out the numbers of downloads vs. time, that works out to approximately 6 downloads per second (thanks Robin!).

It would be neat to know if Skype reached the 1 million app download mark faster than any other app… I’d be inclined to think they have, but unfortunately I don’t seem to have those numbers in front of me at the moment. Perhaps Apple could be kind enough to let us know?

Visit Skype for more information on Skype for iPhone.

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