Americans sent 1 trillion SMS text messages in 2008!

The text messaging boom has hit the US with force. And, the prevalence of messaging handsets launched at CTIA Wireless 2009 is a sign of the times. So, it really shouldn’t come as a surprise that American sent a record number of SMS text messages in 2008 – but we just can’t help being impressed. American sent over 1 trillion text messages in 2008!

Compared to the 363 billion text messages sent in the US during 2007, it seems that the US has seriously ramped up per-person use of text messages. Carriers are no doubt enjoying the messaging boom, as 2008 racked up more than $32 billion in data-services revenue. That makes for a 37% increase in year-on-year revenue.

According to the CTIA’s Semi-Annual Wireless Industry Survey, there are more than 270 million wireless subscribers in the US today. With about 3.5 billion SMS text messages sent every day in 2008, the math works out to each and every American wireless customer sending 13 messages per day. Of course, averaged figures like this are skewed by girls that send over 14,000 messages a month.

So, how many text messages do you send every day?

[Via: MobileCrunch]

  • Demilo

    Well around 17,000 I sent about 1600 today I text almost every friend in my contacts constantly sun up to sun down about 20 ppl so my txting is so high.


    I did’nt even see any luv message

  • Johnsonnajae

    I text 100-200 text messages in a day

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