Nokia E97 Concept Features Removeable Screen

Here’s a slick bit of design for a multi-part Nokia E97 device, dubbed the Envelop for its ability to remove the screen from the main body. To what end? Well, one part of the image shows someone passing off the screen to someone else to transfer 4/8 GB of files through a small contact at the bottom-right. When plugged into a stand, the screen could also act as a photo album, or hey, maybe even a video viewer. The holster even has a spot for a second screen! The keys reconfigure based on orientation, which is something we’re already starting to see in the real world. Removeable parts aren’t that foreign of an idea either – just look at the LG Versa. Neat idea overall, but the big question is: how long before we start seeing phones like this? A year? Three? Five?

[via Coroflot]

  • ThisGuy

    You are awesome. Even if we never see this device in the market, its cool to stories like this. Thanks

  • mubarak

    look very nice there is gps much coest .

  • rands

    well it seems so efficient to use…its perfect for everybody who loves style and fashion…very elegant. Please let us know how much it cost?

  • ayaz khattak

    look very nice there is gps much coest .

  • Mohamed Moustafa Kamal

    I LOVE Nokia mobiles specially N97 & E97,so I LOVE NOKIA MOBILES VERY MUCH.

  • sandeep


  • Olugbon

    Balahi (lets go there)

  • savan

    Mobile is in stylish look & perfect matching for me and every one part of the nokia fans,
    i be waiting for arrival of this E97 mobile,

    Looking very soon for market & when price list its come please ensure that you people will mail me the price,

  • Kamran Lasi

    hey… plz let me knw when this kewl fone is launchin … im waiting desperately to buy this fone…

  • alex

    Guys, this is only A concept. To bad it might not ever see the light of day but its still so Awesome. that goes to show why Nokia is #1

  • marc

    guys!! its only a concept.

    to be frank, its an idea
    not yet made.. its not real, just an idea
    its so disappointing right!?

    but i still really want this phone badly

  • djmic(DEJI MIKE)

    well great concept with slik design.a good thinkin nd good product made or 2 b made by nokia,d #1 mobile phone producer.i hope it wil b released 4 waitn 2 hold d phone 4 real,wen itz out i’ll knw.

  • T.Roishlur


  • Cher

    Yea I’m interrested in the E97 too. How much is it and when is it available in Canada and the USA??

    Pls let me know, thanks!

  • nayan

    i love nokia e97 how much Rs ?………..

  • mehboob

    when its going to releasing n i need its price please let me know………..


    it just amesinge very nice phone please tell me when it is Realising

  • himu

    can i use both sim at a time?& when it will come in asia (BD)…we wish it will came very soon…..& thanks to NOKIA for this awesom divais…

  • rubel

    can i use both sim at a time?& when it will come in asia (BD)…we wish it will came very soon…..& thanks to NOKIA for this awesom divais…
    what about its price.& acsasorices….

  • shaizan

    the cost is around 24000 rs and 350 us $

  • en

    hi i would really love to know where i could purchase the e97..i’m dying to have it……..


    pls mail me whenever its being released to the market with the price tag. NOKIA 4 REAL (CEAMCOM@LIVE.COM)

  • Ksaijyothi1990

    really awesome mobile yaar…….whn its gng to release

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