Sprint docs point to Palm Pre launching May 16!

Sprint has already started training its sales staff on the upcoming Palm Pre, that much we know. And, now that things are getting more and more official, the Palm Pre’s expected launch window has just been narrowed down to early May. According to Engadget‘s alleged internal Sprint schedules, the Palm Pre is “required” to be ready for prime-time by May 16.

This new information jives well with previous leaks that indicated mid-May as the expected launch date (at least the preliminary launch) for the Palm Pre. If Sprint is aiming to finalize all Palm Pre preparations by May 16, it could mean the Pre will indeed hit market on the 17th. Of course, launch-goals being what they are, we’re not going to be too surprised if the Palm Pre misses its  mid-May launch.


[Via: Engadget]

  • AS147

    That’s a shame as I believe they need to get it out there with more than a few weeks before the next iPhone device hits the web. Anyone looking at this device will wait the few extra weeks before making a decision to see what is new from Apple.

    I would love the Pre to make a big splash as it has ALL the credentials – pedigree, great device, great OS etc but it would really kill the Pre if Apple came out with a keyboard device. I believe that they would stupid not to as it would really put iPhone amongst the Blackberry pidgeons!!

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