Vodafone Portugal releases live TV iPhone app, too

Vodafone Mobile TV for iPhone

Few days ago we talked about Orange France’s new iPhone app/service, designed to allows users to enjoy watching TV while on-the-go, and now we’ve heard Vodafone Portugal has a similar/same offering for its users.

Developed by WIT Software, the application called “Vodafone Mobile TV” is available as a free download for every iPhone ownin’ Vodafone Portugal customer and just like Orange’s solution, provides users with a selection of channels to choose from. Among the cool features of the app, we highlight the so called Fast Channel Switching, which allows users to zap TV channels in an easy, “similar to the real-life TV” way.

We’re not sure how much Voda charges for the data transferred and whether there are some new, mobile TV specific plans created for the offering. We do, however, know that WIT Software is looking for other carrier partners for their application/service, meaning we could see this being rolled out in other markets in the near future. We’ll keep watching…

  • Hamid Halouf

    It is a wanderfull release from Vodafone I like it

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