RIM Kills BlackBerry Unite!

BlackBerry Unite!, RIM’s free administration software for small groups, is officially being discontinued. We had heard in February that Unite! and BlackBerry Professional software (used for groups bigger than Unite!, but smaller than a full-blown Enterprise Server) would be on the chopping block – now we just have to wait for BPS to get the cut. It’s not as if RIM is abandoning the idea of small group collaboration, after all we did see that screen of BlackBerry Groups yesterday. Perhaps the app will fill the hole they were hoping to with BPS and Unite!, with the added bonus that on-device software is much less painful than trying to set up a server. If you happen to be running Unite! currently, you’ll have support up until July 2, 2010. We’ll have to hear what RIM has to say at the Wireless Enterprise Symposium next week…

[Community Support Forums via BlackBerry Forums]

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