Google Location Services built into Firefox Mobile (Fennec)

Firefox Mobile, codenamed “Fennec,” is expected to bring all the browsing goodness of Mozilla’s desktop Firefox browser to the mobile space. Fennec is loaded with all kinds of new features that may just change the way we think about how a web browser will work. One of Firefox Mobile’s newly discovered features is its integration of Google Location Services. With Google Location Services in tow, Fennec can tailor the web-browsing experience to match your current location.

Google Location Services can geo-locate your smartphone through GPS, WiFi, cell-tower triangulation or through manually-entered location data. The upcoming Firefox 3.5 desktop browser is also expected to feature the same Google Location Services integration – mirroring the integration of the tab-sycning Mozilla Weave feature into both Fennec and desktop Firefox.

Suffice it to say, Fennec will be the browser to watch for in the coming months. In fact, there’s talk of Firefox Mobile beta dropping in the Summer, with a general release later in the year.

[Via: UnwiredView]

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