qTweeter lets users update Twitter and Facebook from anywhere on the iPhone

qTweeter iPhone app

Here’s a neat application, unfortunately developed for jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches, only. It’s called qTweeter and it allows users to update their Facebook and/or Twitter status from anywhere on the screen. In order to do so, all a user has to do is slide their finger down from the status area.

Developed by Efiko Software — the company which is behind such popular apps as iPhoneRingToneMaker and DialByPhoto — the application is, as described above, super easy to use. No longer you’ll need to browse around all installed apps in order to start the one you want. Tweeting can start within a second, and you can do the same thing with your Facebook status. Moreover, you can define a shortcut for your other Twitter app, in case you need some of the advanced features.

More information about the qTweeter is available from this page. It’s already available in Cydia, and comes with a free 15-day trial period.

Hopefully, with the rollout of iPhone 3.0, Efiko Software will find a way to bring its apps to non-jailbroken iPhone and iPod Touch owners…

[Via: JustAnotherIphoneBlog]

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