Viigo Partners with PageOnce for Personal Finance Monitoring

PageOnce is a really great app for BlackBerry and iPhone that pulls information across a bunch of different financial institutions so you can keep a close eye on how your acounts are doing. Viigo, my personal favourite app on BlackBerry, has now integrated PageOnce into their Finance services. The partnership marks a significant departure for Viigo in that it’s their first premium service; PageOnce will cost you $9.99 a year, but if you’re the type who wants to keep close tabs on their assets, this is an extremely viable option. Viigo’s already a great all-in-one app, and this is a great addition to their Finance category. If you’ve already got IntoMobile’s version of Viigo, Frequency, you can give PageOnce a try for 14 days free. If not, check out Viigo and see what you’re missing.

[via Pitch]

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