Verizon Wireless pushing hard for LTE

verizon-wireless-logoVerizon Wireless isn’t going to stand idly by while AT&T flips the switch on its 20+ Mbps HSPA Evolution (HSPA+) wireless network. Verizon, unlike AT&T, doesn’t enjoy the convenience of upgrading its 3G HSPA network to the faster 3.5G HSPA+ standard. As such, the company is making a big push to get its 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) network online soon. According to Verizon Wireless CTO Tony Melone, it’s in Verizon’s best interest to go nationwide with LTE as fast as possible.

Speaking at the Ericsson AB meeting in Boston today, Melone confirmed that Verizon is aggressively aiming to launch their 4G LTE network before any other carrier in the US. The No. 1 US wireless carrier is apparently slated to soon move on to Phase 4 LTE trials on its recently acquired 700Mhz spectrum, and is still on track to have commercial LTE launches in 2010 with nationwide deployment throughout 2010 and into 2011.

Melone also indicated that Verizon’s 2G CDMA network may outlive the faster 3G EVDO network. The “very stable” 2G network is likely to still be around in a few years time, while the 3G network gets phased out in favor of the 4G LTE standard.

Whether its HSPA+ or LTE, the future of wireless services promises to be exciting!

[Via: Unstrung]

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