Verizon Wireless to launch HP Mini 1151NR netbook on May 17th?

Verizon Wireless to launch HP Mini 1151NR netbook

It seems Verizon Wireless is gearing toward launching not one but two cool products on May 17th. We’ve already mentioned the portable 3G hotspot device MiFi 2200, and now we’re hearing the carrier will also unveil the HP Mini 1151NR netbook with integrated EV-DO radio.

The bad news is the rumored price. Apparently, Verizon will ask $199 for the netbook on a two-year contract. Bare in mind that this contract involves monthly cost of at least $40, which makes the total cost of ownership of the HP Mini astronomical. This seems like a deal designed for those who already thought about buying a netbook, but needed a reason more to push the button. Well, now you got it, though it would make more sense if Verizon could offer HP’s baby for hundred bucks. That would make the deal much sweeter…

[Via: BGR]

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  • Anonymous

    This is really good that verizon is offering this only for 100 bucks but minimum monthly cost is near about $40 for two year will be costly. Currently you will get unlimited 3G data plan in just $30 so why should spend $10 extra to get fix GB plan. Through you will save near about $240. This is same.

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