Microsoft Pink Specs / Windows Mobile 7 Requirements Leak

Windows Mobile 7

We’ve been hearing about Microsoft’s “Pink” project for awhile now, and its relationship to Windows Mobile 7 has been hazy to date. Will it just be a Zune HD, or is there something else in the wings? Well, a quick glance at some rumored specifications of the first Windows Mobile 7 device would lead us to believe Zune and Winmo phones will remain distinct and separate. The wording is a little bizarre, though – these may be the minimum requirements new hardware must meet before being approved for Windows Mobile 7 software.

WM7 Chassis 1 Specification

Core requirements:
Processor: ARM v6+, L2 Cache, VFP, Open GL ES 2.0 graphics HW (QCOM 8k, Nvidia AP15/16* and TI 3430 all meet spec)
Memory: 256MB+ DRAM, 1G+ Flash (at least 512MB fast flash – 5MB/s unbuffered read @4K block size)
Display: WVGA (800×480) or FWVGA (854×480) 3.5” or greater diagonal
Touch: Multi-touch required
Battery: Sufficient to meet Days of Use LTK requirements.
Controls: Start, Back, Send and End are required (soft controls allowed as long as they are always present).

Camera: 3MP+, flash optional, 2nd camera optional (VGA resolution sufficient)
GPS: aGPS required
Sensors required: Light Sensor, Compass (3 axis, 5 degrees, 100 Hz sample rate), Accelerometer (3 axis, 2mg resolution, 100 Hz sample rate)
USB: High speed required, 20 MB/s transfer rate.
BlueTooth: BT2.1 required, must run MSFT BT stack, CSR BlueCore6 or later recommended.
Wi-Fi: 802.11B/G required, must run MSFT Native Wi-Fi stack, Atheros 6002 or Broadcomm 4325 recommended.
Connectors: Micro USB and 3.5mm Audio required.

FM tuner: If tuner HW is present it will be detected and supported by the Media application.
SD Card (Micro SD recommended)
DPAD, qwerty or 12/20 key keyboards all optional

Thoughts? It seems like a pretty solid foundation for the next generation of Windows Mobile.

[via All About Microsoft]

  • Tom

    Am I the only one that thinks Windows Mobile just doesn’t have what it takes to ever catch up to the growth rates of RIM, Apple, and Google?

    • Brian

      Thats exactly what people said when they entered the console market. How could they ever compete with the likes of Sony and Nintendo. In 2 generations and they are right in there. 2 generations is only 1 year in the cell phone world. If RROD from bad hardware manufactoring on the xbox 360 (which MS doesn’t even do) didn’t happen then they would be sitting pretty. They brought console services (Xbox Live) to a very refined level. Now they are combining Zune Marketplace (which is pretty good, and the core of WM7 media exp btw) in with XNA which will bring a ton of games and apps to the Zune and new Zune phones (if they exist).

      MS in not fooling around these days with Windows 7, Zune, etc.

  • Simon Sage

    I’m sure they don’t, but Microsoft does have pockets deep enough to keep Windows Mobile going pretty much indefinitely.

  • Ed

    For my purposes I’m holding out for a smaller device from MS than the current hardware for touch phones. They better start announcing earth shattering new capabilities like the bendable PCBs that are out. Yuo can’t put your iPhone in your jeans pocket and sit on it. Now THAT would be a good feature.

    I’m still getting lots of use from the WM5 HTC device. I’ll admit, I’m getting impatient.

  • Jessie, Vancouver, BC

    Google should not even be compared in there – it’s a long way from being anything special.

  • matt

    in a word, yes…

  • chasejones8

    Well there goes my Touch Pro 2. I can’t believe that one of the REQUIREMENTS on WM7 is multi touch. They’re leaving SO MANY of their past WM devices back in the dust with that move.

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