Trent Reznor: BlackBerry, Android Versions of Nine Inch Nails App Coming


Trent Reznor, the outspoken front man for Nine Inch Nails is up to it again. Seems as though he wants to take the popular Nine Inch Nails app and port it over to a few other devices… Namely the BlackBerry and Android OS.

Back when NIN submitted their app to Apple, they were initially rejected, which cued this response from Trent:

The iPhone is THE most elegant, modern smartphone at this point in time and it’s perfect for what we want to do with the NIN app – except for the ludicrous approval process, and that’s what I want to draw attention to. Android is cool, but nobody has an Android phone. Blackberry is OK but the hardware is inconsistent and WinMo straight-up sucks balls. If Apple doesn’t get it together, we will most certainly make it available to the jailbreak community. I didn’t invest in this app to see it languish on the sidelines from an idiotic policy while this tour is in full swing.

Needless to say, the app has since been included in the App Store (you can get it here for free), and it appears Trent has had a slight change of mind. Apparently enough people are now packing Android, and BlackBerry is consistent enough for him. WinMo must still ‘suck balls’ though, no word on a Windows Mobile version of the app… yet.

To stay on top of the situation, you might want to go ahead and follow Trent Reznor.

[Via: AndroidCentral]

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