Mozilla releases Firefox Mobile (Fennec) Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile!

Mozilla’s forging ahead with their Mobile Firefox (Fennec) browser. Following on the company’s Fennec Milestone release, which proved to be more of a mistake than a publicity coup, Mozilla has released Fennec Alpha 1 for Windows Mobile smartphones!

Firefox Mobile (Fennec) Alpha 1 brings with it a ton of bug-fixes over the previous Milestone 1 release. The new Alpha 1 release also boasts support for Firefox Mobile add-ons, similar to its desktop counterpart. Now, Firefox add-ons won’t necessarily port directly over to Firefox Mobile, but there’s already development work going into creating Fennec add-ons.

One neat feature, as Mobile Crunch points out, is that the Fennec UI has been overhauled using CSS. By using a CSS-based UI, Mozilla can more easily port the UI to a wide-range of screen sizes and resolutions. Chances are good that we’ll see Firefox Mobile launching with support for a slew of different devices.

Fennec Alpha 1 is only availalble for the HTC Touch Pro at the moment (Touch Pro variants should work just fine). Grab the installation CAB file here.

Check out Firefox Mobile running on the HTC Touch Pro below!

Fennec – alpha 1 for Windows Mobile from Madhava Enros on Vimeo.

[Vimeo via: MobileCrunch]

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