The Palm Pre Arrives! Let’s Celebrate By Tearing One Apart!


The day many have been waiting for is here. Palm Pre launch day! To help celebrate the occasion I’m more than happy to post some disassembly photos I found in my inbox this morning. You can head over to RapidRepair for full details and instructions on how to do the disassembly yourself, but I’d highly recommend against it! After all, we’ve been waiting for what seems like forever… and now you want to take it apart!? C’mon! 🙂

At any rate, below are the images. Enjoy the picked-apart Pre goodness… and good luck to everyone waiting in line today… I hope you get your Pre!

Note: I’ve been told ‘more images are coming’… So stay tuned for more!

  • scuty

    what about some videos?

  • Dran

    Very little chassis framing. I am surprised on a slider that will undergo hundreds of mechanical cycles a week. Other shortcuts on build quality as well. Warranty nightmare coming

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