Palm Pre Weekend Sales Ballparked at 100,000

Analysts from both ABI, Piper Jaffray, and RBC Capital Markets place initial sales of the Palm Pre in the 50 – 100,000 unit range.  Yeah, everyone’s going to say “that sucks compared to the original iPhone’s half-million“, but I wonder how much their scarce supplies had to do with it. I would hope that the real test will be in the long run – let’s see if Sprint can manage a slow burn fuelled by a gradually increasing stock, plus we still have international markets to look forward to.  Although Sprint didn’t release any numbers, they say that the Palm Pre broke all of their previous records. Anyone camp out for a Palm Pre to any degree of success? How long are you willing to wait before grabbing, say, a cheap iPhone 3G?

[via ComputerWorld, PCMag]

  • joe

    Only Sprint could fail by succeeding! Develop a decent phone, send a handful to every store, no online sales…customers leaving Sprint stores with their Verizon and ATT phones vowing never to return. Earth to Sprint, Earth to Sprint,

  • Dave

    I snagged a Pre on Saturday, and don’t care about huge corporate sales. All I care about is that I recycled my 2 old iPhones(as well as an iPod) and will never go back. Once the Pre goes wide, I wouldn’t be surprised if millions love it as much as I do. Besides, I’m sick of drinking the Apple Kool-aide.

  • bob

    whats a palm pre??? iphone rules!!!!!!

  • Sarah

    iPhone’s played out.
    Just like Bob.

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