AT&T including MMS for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3G S users with messaging plans

att-logo-orangeiPhone users are still angry as hell (but they apparently will still take more) about having to pay an extra $200 for an “early upgrade” to the iPhone 3G S, but that’s already old news. The new news is that AT&T is reportedly going to give iPhone customers a bit of a break on MMS messages. AT&T says that MMS messages, sometimes called “picture messages,” will be billed the same way as SMS messages are billed today.

In other words, iPhone users (those with an iPhone 3G or iPhone 3G S) with text messaging plans will soon be able to use their “message” allotment to send SMS text messages or MMS multimedia messages. It’s still not clear exactly how much weight an MMS message will carry, compared to an SMS message (1 MMS = 2 SMS messages?), but it’s still good to see AT&T including MMS messaging in their iPhone messaging plans.

Now, before you get all excited to play with MMS on your iPhone 3G, keep in mind that MMS is only supported by iPhone OS 3.0. Get the iPhone 3.0 OS GM release (7a341) on your own, or wait for Apple to officially loose the new iPhone OS on the world.

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  • Maciek

    I’m not sure if I was smacked on my head with rubber mallet and just woke up but aren’t we in 2009???? The last time I heard any carrier charging extra for MMS was about four years ago. at&t is GREAT….at alienating subscribers. Who the f…k charges extra for MMS these days.?????

  • jj

    i just dont know why ppl could be mad for? You either eligible for an upgrade or you not every now thinks they are in title to break rules its crazy how ppl would go when they dont get there way..

  • xcesmess

    I guess since AT&T has included Txt/Pics/Vids together in their messaging plans for qiute a while I assumed it would have been included by default… *shrug*

  • amanda

    funny…mms is available with the os 3.0 download, but no, it doesn’t work with the 3g yet…support from at&t not until LATE summer…this sucks…why is it available but not ready to use?

  • jeremy

    hello i am having trouble understanding why my iphone #G with the new update (3.0) cannot record video or sennd MMS i am seriously getting pissed the hell off and apple better fix this!! do u kno when they will fic this email me back if u do please cuz i am furious

  • kristen

    ok so I just got off the phone with ATt’s Iphone tech support and MMS will not be supported till later this summer.
    He did mention that on the website there was a disclaimer about MMS in the us not being supported till summer of 09. My issue is the email all of us got with the 15 min video about all the features states no where in the video or on the page around the video that mms will not be supported. My husband broke his phone this week so he needed to get one. He thought he was doing me something nice and got me the new phone since it was suppose to support MMS (I send a lot of pixs back to the office for work and to family for kids). This was as bad as not supporting exchange email!!!

  • T.

    Ok and how about the ability to take video for 3g customers? The new 3gS has it and through a jailbroken Iphone the function is possible for the 3g phone. Will ATT offer this function as well for the 3g phone?
    I believe why they’ll release it later this summer is because it gives them a reason for hackers to come up with another hack just for that feature. With every hack Im sure Apple/ATT are trying to find ways to prevent it. So what I think is all upgrades will take time to be released. Plus they’ll probably release updates one new function at a time.

  • Lipgloss

    I feel that we all and when I say all I mean 3g users. We should be
    able to have the same features. This is bull and I am ready to send
    those crazy pics just like I use to do when I had my little cheap flip

  • LThomas

    At&t have whats called “opt out coding” on all iphone accounts to block a service that we all have been paying for since the 2g iphone. The reason that they are saying late this summer is because they are gonna have to go in and 1 by 1 remove the coding from every iphone account. I guess the reason they did it was to get some use out of that view my message site cuz if u think about it even prepaid phones from walmart can get mms. It is sad that a carrier would put coding on any account to block a service that a person pays for.

  • dom

    hi i just got the new iphone 3g S and i am wondering why i cannot use mms. can any one help me please

  • james

    to dom: try reading before posting… no mms til end of summer at least..

  • Eddie

    Is stupid that AT&T is the bigest red than verizon & they release the new black berry storm with mms right away mms is fun am about to live this service & go with a diferent sheap phone. & compny.. This shit piss me off,, we pay to much money for this iPhone & we can’t do nothing??? AT&T sucks !!!!

  • iStay Phresh

    Ok so iPhone 3Gs users don’t have mms yet either? WTF. I figured they would and it would be available to 3G users in late summer. AT&T you fukn up baaaad.

  • Steve “Give me more money idiots) Jobs

    LOL AT&T doesnt suck as much as Apple(which is to blame for going just with AT&T), overhyped-overpriced products and the dumb customers who think cuz they had a $600 phone they are better than everybody else.

    Overpriced- yes they paid $600 for the first one and would’ve paid the same for the new ones cuz you know is cool…. if it wasn’t for the other phones which came out, like the G1 and the instinct they iphone still will be $600 and iPhonies will be buying a product which can’t do what a cheap flip phone does, and take in account that with the iphone being $200 apple still makes profit, imaging how much money idiots put inside Steve Jobs pockets with the $600 iphone

    Overhyped- yes at the begining… “hey i have an iphone and can do this and that and this” “wow its awesome send me that picture you just took… waiting” “what do you mean you can’t” “well then send it to my email just copy and paste it from the text i send you” “oh it doesnt support exchange?” “and you cant copy and paste”….OVERHYPED look at those commercials Iphone 3gs now we can copy and paste just like smart phones have been doing for years…and do you want video? well buy another $200 dollar phone.. oh wait you just got yours less than a year ago so you have to pay $600 for an i(i for idiots)phone3Gs(s-for sh!t). Dont you get it PEOPLE, Apple is draining your pockets.
    the G1 didnt have video capture; however an update fixed this problem. if you want a good phone get a blackberry, or that palm pre or a g1. and grow up your iphone is just ok and nobody cares about those new 50 applications you downloaded and paid 2 bucks or more for each one

  • FliPhone User

    @Steve Jobs.
    …Really??…You make a good point about the price. I waited 1 month after release of original and paid $300.
    I now own a 3Gs and paid $200 (well actually I paid for it with casino winnings so it was really free for me).
    On my 2g- I could fully customize the phone look. I could send and receive MMS(pics and vids). I had full web browser. I had full iPod 3p3 player that I could plug into ANYTHING for music. And most of the best apps are all free + the free 3rd party apps. I’ll stop here because with the apps i could do A LOT more on this one devise.
    3Gs- same as above but now I have a full GPS on it with turn by turn and a compase and it’s at 3g speeds.

    So you see, apple made a GREAT product if you know how to use it. AT&T just sux and put a bunch blocks on it.
    Apple is guilty for making smart people have to make hacks for the devise to use it at it’s full potential.
    There are some other really great phones out there (blackberry) and even better service providers, BUT the iPhone IS amazing. If it wasn’t then why would so many other companies be trying to make one better but always come up short?

  • Steven

    Jeremy, MMS support won’t come around until late summer, and you will never be able to record video on a 3G. That’s only for 3G-S users. Upgrade your phone to record video.

  • brett

    Why “late summer”? I’ll bet they are just holding out because they dropped the OS 3 launch too early so they could get the 3Gs to market.

  • justin

    wow….. idk how to put this other that F**K THIS. isnt the iphone supposed to be the biggest baddest phone out there? guess not considering i can go buy a tracfone that will have mms support on it at least. Its not apples fault for those of yall who are saying that. they got their s**t together and att dropped the ball. if you want mms you could always just jailbreak it and unlock it using qwkpawn or redsn0w but anyways as of the moment AT&T totally sucks

  • Nik

    Ok so I have the iPhone 3gS and I just got it on Thursday.. I still dnt have mms on it and am a little confused.. I mean when you think about it it is already late summer.. And imm curious as to how some people have mms on theirs and some dont.. Myself included. Isn’t AT&T supposed to put the newest available update on the phone when you buy it? So why isn’t mms on mine? Any ideas on wut I should do? Or how I can get mms on my iPhone?

  • al

    just jailbreak it. i dont know why everonene doesnt. it gives you free mms on iphone 3g or 3gs (unfortunitely not 2g) go into cydia and get swirrlymms then you have it for free

  • Jason

    Everybody needs to chill out, is your life really over?

  • 5H4R33F

    I fully agree. that is the best assumption I’ve heard on this site.

  • Sherryb

    I was reading the posts here about the MMS not being available yet but it IS on its way. I just take a picture and email it. I also read articles about the demand the new Iphones put on AT&T. I used to have a nokia flip phone which was great for me since I only used it for phone calls, minimum texting and some internet searching. My sweet husband talked me into an Iphone ONLY after he dropped his flip phone and broke it. So I reluctantly gave him my flip phone and we bought me an Iphone 3GS and the next month my hubby bought one too.

    I have to say that we LOVE our Iphones although we do sometimes have problems with loading, coverage and texts that arrive late but we also understand that this is due to an overload on the system due to the popularity and increase of daily usage. When I had my old phone I would only use it maybe 7 or 8 times a day, I now find myself carrying my 3GS with me all over the house and into town, constantly searching for a new recipe, homemade green cleaners, sending an I love you text to hubby, finding a great thai restaurant, checking the weather, daily Bible study, emailing a picture to my daughter, finding plants that are best suited to my area, downloading new free apps, playing sudoko and the list goes on and on and on!

    If I am only one of about 9 million new Iphone customers then I know the demand must be overwhelming. I also read that AT&T is working quickly to remedy the problem and I feel pretty confident that it WILL get better for all us Iphone users out there. We just have to be a little more patient!

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