Europe-wide Agreement for microUSB Standard Signed by Apple, RIM, Others

microUSBSony Ericsson, Nokia, Motorola, NEC, Qualcomm, Samsung, Texas Instruments and three other wireless heavyweights have all signed an agreement under the eye of the European Commission to adopt a microUSB standard on data-enabled devices. This will hopefully cut down on consumer waste when it comes to chargers, as well as make life easier when switching devices. The change to microUSB will probably be the biggest deal for Apple, who have shoved people into using their inconvenient proprietary iPod plug for so very, very long. Charging seems to be the main focus of the agreement, though considering data-enabled phones are specifically targeted, it will also make syncing and transferring a heck of a lot easier.  A move like this follows closely in the steps of North America – CTIA has already thrown in their support to get all mobiles running on microUSB chargers by 2012.

[via Reuters]

  • Stefan Constantinescu

    wait a second … Apple getting rid of the dock connector?!


  • lutzs

    Hey that’s great! But wait a minute, there is an option for the manufacturers to use adaptors with their devices. This is how it will end: MicroUSB chargers, and a special adaptor with every device, to make sure you always have to carry the adaptor with you instead of the charger… Apple spokesman Georg Albrecht already said they will not give up their Dockconnector.

    Well it’s a EU thing – of course it’s failed by design.

  • Shimmy

    I’m hoping/guessing that they’re going to include some kind of adapter

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