BlackBerry Tour 9630 Coming to Alltel


Ok lets see… Yeah we’ve got Bell and Telus, yeah… oh, and Sprint and Verizon has been all up in the news in the last little bit.. Who are we missing… What? Alltel is on the BlackBerry Tour scene as well!? Yep!

Looks like good ‘ol Kevin over at CrackBerry has scored a few ‘spy shots’ from a source that wishes to remain anonymous. Notice the Alltel branding on the 9630, in all its glory. No details on pricing or launch date, but I think we can safely say the device will be coming real soon… and should hit us somewhere around the $199.99 price point.

[Via: CrackBerry]

  • latitud

    The Alltel BB 9630 Tour arrived 8/20. This is the long awaited replacement to the aging 8820 W E. The Alltel W E never really delivered on its promise as a “world edition”, only offering partial GSM coverage and the overpriced Alltel international roaming partnerships.

    Does anyone know who can free the Alltel Tour GSM? Or is it possible it is unlocked out of the Alltel box? Nah, that would be too easy. Any legit links are welcomed.

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