Vodafone New Zealand Pulls HTC Magic From Shelves


Now this is an odd one. Vodafone New Zealand has reportedly pulled the HTC Magic from their website. Calls have been put in to Vodafone in the region, and the response was somewhat ominous: the Magic can be purchased for $1,099 NZD, but no more are in stock and it isn’t clear when more will be available. Very strange indeed. Blogger Ben Gracewood has also reported that not only is the device no longer available online, but all stock has been removed from stores. If you’re in the region and are hoping to pick up a Magic, looks like your best bet would be to either call Vodafone or pop down to a local store to see if you can nab the now elusive device. (Either that or catch a flight to Australia).

Something isn’t right here for sure. The Magic was launched only last week in New Zealand at a large party with many celebs in attendance. One thing is for certain, time will tell us what’s going on here.

Note: It’s interesting to note that the HTC Magic in New Zealand is a ‘Google Experience’ device. I suppose it’s possible Vodafone is having some issues with Google? Who knows. Let’s wait and see.

[Via: AndroidAuthority]

  • Ataliano

    I really doubt that is an issue between Vodafone and Google… because they’re selling it arround the world…

    I’m from Spain, I work in Vodafone and I have the Magic, and here the stock continues on (and is one of the most claimed phones here). So if it’s an issue between Google and Vodafone, they’re be quiting stock everywhere, not only on New Zeland…

    Anyway, Google is most conected to HTC than Vodafone in this case… and Vodafone is a great phone company for using Magic, because at least, here in Spain, for about 15$ (12€) month, you have all unlimited acces to the 3.5G network… so is great for lattitude, maps, gmail (push), picassa… etc…

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