Resident Evil 4 for iPhone goes live!

resident-evil-4-iphone-1Just as expected, Resident Evil 4 for iPhone has gone live on the AppStore. Capcom’s more highly rated Resident Evil title is now available for iPhone gamers itching to take fire a couple rounds into a zombie head… or two. At $7.99 (iTunes link), Resident Evil 4 for iPhone isn’t one of the cheaper games on the AppStore, but it’s also arguably cooler than most $1 games available for the iPhone.

The RE4 for iPhone game puts you in control of a zombie-fighting gunslinger with on-screen touch controls. The game boasts the “best 3D graphics to date on iPhone,” and supports the shake control-gesture for reloading your weapons.

Go get your zombie-killing fix below!

Resident Evil 4 for iPhone

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