LG Announces Bluetooth-Enabled TV Line

LG is bridging the gap between their TV and mobile lineups, as they have recently announced alongside Broadcom a new lineup of Bluetooth-capable TVs. Bluetooth TVs sure are cool and all, but they aren’t entirely new – the first one was announced two years ago, in fact. Still, internet-capable TVs complete with widgets and YouTube are all the rage these days, and we can certainly expect more connectivity between phones and home entertainment systems as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and other wireless protocols worm their way into household electronics.

Some of the possibilities mentioned included using your phone as a remote control, QWERTY keyboard input, as well as streaming video, pictures and music to the big screen. Unify4Life is already trying a lot of stuff like this with BlackBerry, but once wireless connectivity becomes ubiquitous in TV sets, the need for a third-party peripherals will melt away. In any case, Broadcom has only announced their involvement with LG – we don’t have any info on models or pricing just yet.

[via Broadcom]

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