JD Power ranks top prepaid wireless carriers

The no-contract, prepaid wireless market in Europe is huge. Prepaid is pretty much how everyone over there rolls. In the US, prepaid and no-contract wireless carriers are the exception to incumbent carriers that levy multi-year contracts on their customers. But, how do these contract-free carriers measure up to industry averages? JD Power has just released their latest statistics on prepaid wireless carriers in the US for 2009.

At the top of the list is NET10. We’ve never heard of NET10, but with a score of 774 out of a possible 1,000 points, it’s clear that this lesser-known carrier is at the top of its game. NET10 excelled in performance and reliability, cost of service and account management rankings. ConsumerAffairs.com says they’ve only received nine complaints regarding NET10 over the past year. In comparison, TracFone customers submitted 148 complaints. TracFone also performed above average in JD Power’s rankings, alongside Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Alltel and T-Mobile.

The non-contract wireless market is continuing to change. Sprint’s recent acquisition of Virgin Mobile USA shows that even big players in the contract market are recognizing the need to tap the prepaid segment. If things continue to grow this way, the US wireless landscape could mirror Europe in time. Fingers crossed.

[Via: CellularNews]

  • Michael

    Never heard of NET10? Not surprised. They’re the lesser known arm of Tracfone but I’ll agree that it’s a great value! Customers I sell to typically love the service quality and the fact that the phones come with 300 minutes out of the box, and also that the billing system for calls is about as simple as it gets.

  • JasonB

    Never heard of NET10?? I have been a customer of theirs for a few years now. And to me it is obvious why they won this award. They really are very good at what they do. Simple pricing (always 10c a minute, no roaming, nationwide), with decent handsets. Great coverage. And of course the usual prepaid benefits – no contract, no bills, no fees or taxes added. Love em!

  • Tony

    Well they are not that well knowen at this stage, I expect however, that in the very near future that will not be the case.
    With the low prices, great deals, contract free bonuses and now the winning review Net10 will most likely be the most known pre-paid company to be part of.
    My personal customer satisfaction rating for Net10 is excellent!

  • Whitney Dallas

    I’ll join the chorus of those who are surprised you’ve nnver heard of Net10. They’re all over the place throughout the country in Walmart, Target, Walgreen’s etc but speaking of prepaid, what is up with Virgin Mobile?

    I keep hearing that Virgin Mobile has a $10 a month plan available for those who can’t afford more but I don’t see it on their web-site. What’s up with that? If they have it, let’s see it!

    Maybe you could redeem yourself and look into that, Will. LOL!

  • Kimberly Gomez

    I was skeptical of prepaid companies after so many years with contract companies. I did my research and I opted for Net10 strictly on the basis of their deal. Phone plans begin at $15 for 150 minutes and range up over $100 based on minutes and time of activation, but you still must purchase a phone and pay the activation fee – its not as bad as you think. I chose the Samsung T401G and while the phone selection is limited, it is extremely affordable and calling coverage is solid on the Verizon calling network. The best thing (beside the great price) was how easy it was to find and purchase – I went to Office Depot and was in and out with the phone in hand in less than 20 minutes. Even the customer service, despite many comments to the contrary, is great and helped me greatly in the past. I can even keep track of my minutes directly from the display and re-charge more minutes from the very same phone. I can even download ring tones. Texting is affordable and if you’re a traveler, like me, international calling is a steal at .15 a minute. It’s really a great deal that is keeping more than $50 in my pocket every month and that adds up.

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