Samsung: Sub-$100 Android Phones Available “by Next Year”

Man, that Reclaim launch was just full of interesting off-hand comments, wasn’t it? Casey Ryan, a Samsung product development manager, stated confidently that “”by next year, touch-screen phones with full web browsers running the Android operating system will be available for well under $100.” Presumably this means more from Samsung, but that would be putting words in poor Casey’s mouth. Android’s role with entry-level handsets has been a little nebulous so far, but it’s sounding like Android will simply enable smartphones to reach further down the price chain, according to this statement. Signs that both LG and HTC are sniffing around cheap Android handsets mean that Samsung will have some competition in this weight category, with the main differentiator being what the manufacturers do with the operating system. Currently HTC has the lead, but we have yet to see what TouchWiz and S-Class look like on top of Android…

[Pocket-Lint via MobileBurn]

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