Study: Majority of consumers find Palm Pre commercials effective

If you’re like us, you find the Palm Pre commercials at least a little creepy. Watching Tamara Hope talk about her life with the Palm Pre almost makes you want to bust out the Yoga mat, or take a nap. But, how does the general public feel about the commercials’ effectiveness? Well, according to a new study from MediaCurves, a majority of survey respondents felt that Palm’s TV ads were at least “somewhat effective,” if not altogether “extremely effective.” The remaining 1/3 of survey participants thought the ads were “not at all effective.”

And, it seems the that “happiness” and “inspiration” were the two most prevalent emotions that people experienced while watching the video. The study shows that interest in the commercial peaks when the Palm Pre is shown on screen. HCD Research conducted the study through the website. The study asked a smallish pool of 305 viewers during August 7-9.

[Via: MediaCurves]

  • piszczyk4U43

    Some customers even know, what the commercials are all about.
    Renaissance (painting) of usability.

  • Simon Sage

    I finally got around to watching them. Definitely like ’em.

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