Multitouch Coming to Android in Version 2.0?

Multi-touch may not be coming around in the next version of Android based on the Donut branch of code, but the following firmware update from the Eclair branch may introduce the long-sought feature, since there are new additions to the open source project to support it. HTC squeezed in their own multi-touch functionality into the HTC Hero, and we’ve seen ambitious programmers do it themselves, but the addition from Google proper would spread the love to all Android devices – G1, Magic, Galaxy, you name it. As for when we’ll start seeing Android 2.0 (and hopefully multitouch), rumour has it the Motorola Sholes will be the first device to launch with the update. If the Morrison was actually moved down from the holiday to a fall release on Motorola’s roadmap, then maybe there will be room for the Sholes (and Android 2.0) to land before 2010 rolls in.

[via CNET, pic]

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