Wolfenstein RPG is in da AppStore, too!

Wolfenstein RPG for iPhone

We told you id Software is preparing to bring its famous titles to the iPhone and iPod Touch users, and voila… it started happening. Legendary Wolfenstein is in da AppStore, coming only a day after the other legendary game – Duke Nukem 3D.

You know the story right? It’s simple – go through the halls and kill all Nazis, zombies and skeletons that cross your way. You have an array of weapons to use — including rocket launcher, a flamethrower, sniper rifle, and a telsa gun. If all that fails — or you’re out of ammunition — you can always use your fists and boots. Two mini-games are also included – Kick the Chicken and War…

EA Mobile is the publisher of the game, and you can grab it for 5 bucks ($4.99) from this page.

Finally, it’s important to add that there’s also the original Wolfenstein 3D game in the AppStore. The version EA released is improved and comes with a much better graphics.

[Via: PocketGamer.co.uk]

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    Unfortunately not in Germany 🙁 damn child-welfare *grrr*

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