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AppStore SchmapStore. Apple might have the mobile application market cornered with their iPhone-integrated AppStore, but the tens of thousands of iPhone apps in the AppStore are limited to the iPhone only. What about the hundreds of millions of non-iPhone handsets out there? Where do they go to download apps? Well, chances are better than good that they’ve come across GetJar‘s extensive library of mobile apps. Headlining apps like Nimbuzz, Opera Mini and Google Maps are available through GetJar’s application store, and they’re available for just about every mobile platform out there.

As part of GetJar’s mission is to bring mobile apps to as many mobile phones as possible, the other app store has pushes millions of app downloads every month. With those kinds of numbers, GetJar is sitting on a treasure trove of data about trends in the mobile application space – the kind of data we’d love to get our hands on. Thankfully, GetJar was kind enough to provide us with a list of the Top 20 Downloaded Apps in the US for the month of July! Check out the chart above.

IntoMobile and GetJar will be bringing you updates on mobile application download rankings and global handset data from time to time, so make sure to keep an eye out!

  • DJ

    Let me translate this chart for you:

    When you pay thousands of dollars for advertising on GetJar they put you at number 1 and 2.

  • Patrick

    Actually, although GetJar does offer a service called pay-per-download to developers interested in getting more visibility for their apps only 4 of the companies on this list have actually ever used it. The rest have gotten there for free.

    In addition, with PPD you only pay for the downloads you get which I think you’ll agree is far better then paying for clicks or impressions right?


    VP Marketing

  • ZAÏRE Gérard

    Je suis des antilles françaises, j’ai un téléphone portable NOKIA N95 8GB, je cherche un logiciel qui m’alerte lorsque quelqu’un touche à mon portable, je sais que cela existe chez vous pour l’IPHONE. Pouvez vous m’informer sur cet article merci

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