Flash custom ROMs to your Verizon Ozone

If you’re the type that likes to customize their smartphone, and you have a Verizon Ozone (HTC Cedar) in your pocket, we’ve got some good news. Thanks, yet again, to an XDA forums user, there’s a new unlocker utility that will allow you to flash custom ROMs onto your VZW Ozone. That means you’ll have access to all kinds of UI goodies, like Windows Mobile 6.5 and TouchFLO – which should make that mid-range smartphone all the more appealing.

Now, before you go out and try to flash your Sprint Snap or T-Mobile Dash 3G, heed this bit of warning – do not use this utility on anything other than a true-blue Verizon Ozone. Doing so may turn your new Windows Mobile smartphone into a matte-finished paperweight.

If you’re ready to make the jump to a customized Ozone, head on over to XDA and read up on the thread. Make sure you read through the instructions, and back up your data!

[Via: WMExperts]

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