Video: Rhapsody on the iPhone, over 8 million tracks in your pocket

Unlimited music streaming is something I, and many others in Europe, have fallen in love with due to Spotify. While Americans are waiting for that service to launch in the states, along with a mobile client due out for the iPhone, Android and Symbian platform, another music provider has joined the race to give people access to a virtually unlimited amount of music on the go: Rhapsody. I personally haven’t used the service, but it is nice seeing yet another company try to breakup the iPod/iTunes ecosystem by providing an alternative way of getting music. Will Apple approve the application? You never know.

[Via: The Real Story]

Update: GDGT has an exclusive review of the application, with screenshots. They say that unlike Spotify, the application will not store tracks offline, but it is something Real, the company behind Rhapsody, is trying to add into version 2.0. Using this application will also require a $14.99 monthly fee.

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