Chipotle iPhone app brings mobile-ordering back to AppStore

chipotle-iphone-app-1It’s been a long time since we first saw the Chipotle iPhone app hitting the AppStore. In January, Chipotle made their way to the iPhone with an app that allowed users to find their nearest Chipotle location and order custom-made mexican fare. The app was unceremoniously pulled from the AppStore just hours after it went live. Apparently, the flood of interested iPhone users was too much for Chipotle to handle at the time. Today, we’re happy to say that Chipotle for iPhone is back in action!

For those of you not familiar with Chipotle, it’s like a Subway with Mexican food. You order your food and go down the line, customizing your burrito or taco with the toppings you want. Now, with the Chipotle iPhone app, users can order food right from the iPhone, using a credit card – forget the lines, iPhone users can place orders from their car. Favorite orders can even be saved for later use.

Better yet, the Chipotle iPhone app is free.

Chipotle (iTunes link)

  • nick

    wow, how generous, a free app to help me spend my money

  • broncosfantx

    where is the android app???? android users eat @ chipotle too !!!!!!!!

  • David

    Android app please? Get on top of this Chipotle…

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