Verizon’s Rogue and Intensity Landing September 8?

The last we heard about the Samsung Rogue is that it would be coming to Verizon this month for $370, but that window has apparently been pushed up to September 8th. The U960 Rogue is expected to pack GPS, EV-DO, and a a 3 megapixel camera in the Glyde-esque slider form factor. The Intensity handset made a debut in the same leak, carrying a $160 pricetag, although we don’t have any info on specs; regardless, we hear it’ll be launching on September 8th as well. Sprint’s Touch Pro 2 is curiously landing on the same day – I would say it should make for some tight competition between U.S. CDMA carriers for back-to-school crowd, but it’s hard to imagine any students being able to afford the TP2’s purported pricetag.

[via BGR]

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