BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac Leaked!


Finally… I’ll say it again… FINALLY! Mac users have been waiting and waiting, and waiting years for this day to arrive. Now, while this is not an ‘official’ launch, it’s a ‘leak’, and I know the BlackBerry users running a Mac will take anything they can get at this point. That’s right, BlackBerry Desktop Manager is available for the Mac.

The leaked version is 1.0.0 and it is in beta, so there are sure to be glitches and bugs here and there, but it’s better than the alternative (having no desktop manager). Enjoy BlackBerry Desktop Manager for Mac in all its splendor right here. I’m downloading it this very moment myself as well. Now, we only have to wait a bit for an official version… I can feel it’s coming soon… Last we heard it was coming in September!

Note for Mac Users: Of course, I haven’t found any details regarding compatibility with Snow Leopard… But rest assured I’m thinking it’ll work just fine…

[Via: CrackBerry]

  • I’ll wait a little longer

    Yeah. I downloaded it today and eagerly tried it out. I know it’s still beta and all but really I think PocketMac is better so far (but not by much). Every time I went to add/remove programs it would self-eject my phone and I would get a “cannot verify” error message. I think I’ll wait for the full version and hopefully that is an improvement. Until then I’ll still continue to use my old drag-and-drop method of file installation. Seems to be more reliable than anything else to date.

  • Ray

    Looks like it’s going to support only OSX 10.5 >

    Any confirmation on this? Would be disappointing if they don’t have a version for OSX 10.4

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