Buy a Nokia X6 with half the storage, pay half the price; repeal the Comes with Music tax

The Nokia X6, which was announced at Nokia World last week, is a controversial product because the price includes a “Comes with Music” package that gives you a year of unlimited music downloads. If you want to line the pockets of the record companies who are actively lobbying politicians all around the world to throw you in a prison where you fear for the virginity of your asshole when taking a shower because you got caught downloading a song, then you are not going to mind the 450 Euro (before taxes) price tag. For the rest of us however, we don’t want to pay for services that we don’t want to use. The X6 was recently put up Expansys’ website. The 32 GB X6, which was announced at Nokia World, and includes “Comes with Music”, is due to come out in November for 530 British Pounds (605 Euros; $870). Interestingly enough, they also have a 16 GB version of the X6 coming out in February 2010, without “Comes with Music”, for only 345 British Pounds (395 Euros; $565). That is an almost 54% increase in price for double the storage and “Comes with Music”. Remember kids, at the end of the day, all the bitching and trolling you do on online forums and other blogs will not get you heard. A company only listens to you when you open your wallet.


  • North

    You seriously got bitchy when you got fired from Nokia… Move on….

  • Ken

    Yours maths is all wrong. It’s only a 35% difference in price!

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      345 British Pounds x 1.54 (aka 154%) = 531.60 British Pounds. Where are you pulling the 35% figure?

      • Louis

        0.65 X 531.6 = 345

        In this case it’s ambiguous, I suggest you put a 35% DECREASE in price (and not difference). It’s less misleading.

        • Stefan Constantinescu

          Changed the language a bit, hope most people scroll down to see the maths debate 🙂

  • Brian

    Okay but let’s get back to you being bitchier after being let go.

    Right, right, nuff of that, move along, nothing to see here.

    However, completely with you on the pricing overshadowing any advances the newly announced devices may have to offer.

    As someone likely to score an N900 regardless the OS upgrade path – and by the way, what is the likelihood firmware upgrade-ability will start to look more like HTC/XDA-Developers model?

    One can dream.

  • Kristian

    I do have to agree with the previous commenters. I have enjoyed intomobile, but since you got canned, you’ve been one pissed off blogger to the degree that it is no longer funny.

    Move forward.

    • Adonisdemon

      Think of it as advice on how to save some coppers for yourself.

  • mike

    I for one thought that the caption on the picture was funny, and appropriate for the post… Like Brian, I too am planning on getting the N900 and am excited by the possibility that the N900 and it’s OS brings! Annnnddddd like everyone else in the comments section, I too feel like you’ve been a little over ‘sensitive’ (to put it politely) in regards to any and every post mentioning Nokia as the subject that you cover. Stefan, While I sincerely feel bad to hear about your termination, I would suggest you get counseling (seriously, I’m not being facetious). The proportion of ire and anger you show in almost every Nokia article is almost always disproportionate to the subject matter and what is being covered (GADGETS!). Living with this much vitriol is never good for the soul man. Best of luck with everything.

  • Thomson

    I agree with the above , it start to be little to much hate against Nokia, maybee better put away the phones and start a new life with some GF..-:)

  • Adonisdemon

    What’s there to love about Nokia now? They’re about to cock up the N900 massively. After 2 years of bitching for a capacitive handset they finally deliver it – and it costs the price of the moon along with a “comes with music” service which going to be shit.

    Still holding onto the N95 from 3 years ago, cos it’s still the best Nokia handset they’ve offered in years, both price and feature set wise. I got it for FREE on released date.

    No on heard about this freakin thing called the recession? What is one to do? Pay the mortgage or buy a half-baked Nokia handset?

    Bitch till the shit drops!

  • Paulll

    Sexy device gonna be priced sexy in the US. My guess, 450$? Considering Nokias pricing methods in the US. €1=$1.

  • smokey

    Sodomy out? WTF? I want it in my package!
    Sure as you do.

  • Ahmed Sameer

    i want by nokia x6

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