Video: Caught Typing on the Storm 2

The Storm 2 has been making guest appearances on the interwebs for some time now. I know every single BlackBerry fan just wants to know when the next-gen Storm will become available, along with the Bold 9700. It’s not fair, I know, but still… at least we’re getting a sneak peak of the new device goodness via videos like this.

Today, salomondrin put together a quick video showing of how easy/fast/efficient typing on the Storm 2 will be. If you own and use the original Storm, or gave it up because you couldn’t stand typing on the thing… Watch the video above. Do it.

[Via: CrackBerry]

UPDATE: Video got taken down, but luckily salomondrin has released another demo that really drives home the typing quality on the Storm 2.

  • JMichelle

    I thought the Storm 2 had a touchscreen keyboard. That one does
    not even look like qwerty…looks more like my cellphone keyboard
    that shares keys for multi letters. Am I incorrect or missing

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