T-Mobile UK and Orange UK merge to create Britain’s largest operator

T-Mobile and Orange are going to merge their UK businesses and create a 50:50 joint venture. Both the T-Mobile and Orange brand names will remain, the only thing that actually changes is that their respective networks will be merged and then managed as a single entity. The joint venture will have 30 million customers, giving it 37% of the British market. The second largest player is now O2 with 27% and and Vodafone with 25%. The first thing you’re probably going to notice as a customer is improved coverage, the second is you’re going to see faster upgrades to the network infrastructure. Questions will be raised about what is going to happen with 3, who is currently in a deal to share T-Mobile’s network.

[Via: Telegraph.co.uk]

Update: Video from the public relations people:

  • L.S.

    I like the new Logo 😉 Way better than the old color.

  • Matt Jones

    Not sure about a couple of points there. The BBC news page says they will remain as seperate entities for 18 months while branding is discussed and also they are switching off masts so maybe signal won’t be that greatly improved. Only time will tell.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      Switching off masts makes sense if you consider that both of them setup networks for coverage in the same places. You’re right tho, time will tell.

  • JamesM

    I’ve been on all the major networks in the UK, and while I found Voda and O2 to be the most solid I like Orange’s brand and perks (2 for 1 cinema et al). I’m currently with T-Mo, who give me the best deal on t’Internet with their Web’n’Walk add-on. I’ll be interested to see where this goes as far as data tariffs are concerned, as Orange used to charge silly money for a couple of MBs transfer. I hope the merger will benefit consumers, but I guess only time will tell.

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