Sony Ericsson Ditching Windows Mobile?

Some manufacturers are plum excited about the new version of Windows Mobile coming out in early October, but those dwindling numbers are apparently deterring others. According to the trusted head of Mobile-review, due to the projections for Windows Mobile, the X2 may very well be the last Sony Ericsson smartphone to use Microsoft’s mobile OS. SE’s interest in Android is palpable, given the X3 XPERIA (a.k.a. Rachael), and the Satio is powered by S60, so there’s no shortage of alternatives. As for what will happen with the UI, it’s hard to believe the video of Rachael, since an SDK for the established Panels was just released, so who knows how future devices will be skinned. WinMo’s not dead yet, in any case – we have no hard and fast evidence of the move, and at very least 6.5 will be finding its way to the original XPERIA.

[RT @eldarmurtazin]

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