Real Soccer 2010 Coming Soon to the App Store

The #1 Soccer, er, ‘Football’ game on the App Store is getting ready to go live with a new version… Yeppers, Real Soccer 2010 screenshots have arrived, along with a trailer video (above) for us to take in. I’ve got the 2009 edition of the game installed on my iPhone, and I’ve got to say… it’s solid. I find myself popping it open from time to time. It’s also the favorite game of my nephew… Whenever I see him he asks for my phone and begins playing the game… and I’m sure he wouldn’t stop unless I made him.

At any rate, stay tuned for more on Real Soccer 2010 from the good folks at Gameloft. Me thinks they’re just getting the promo machine primed… will be more to come soon.


Thanks Alex!

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