WebOS 1.2 Arriving September 24th. with Paid Apps?

Get ready to scratch of that “beta” tag on your Palm Pre’s app market; rumour has it webOS 1.2 (of which we’ve seen bits and pieces) will be arriving next week on the 24th. with paid applications in the market. Up until now it’s been big news whenever the webOS app store offers up a paltry half-dozen new apps at a time, but with paid applications on the way, we’ll likely see the floodgates open. Of course, that’s not the only thing awaiting us in 1.2…

  • Zoom animation in the browser;
  • A new menu options – Edit, Select All;
  • Tap and select portions of a web page by holding Shift and tapping the screen;
  • Tap and hold the Orange button to save a photo to Pictures or to share it with others. The same button can be used for opening of a new card or to copy and/or share a link;
  • Tapping a text entry box zooms it;
  • Type to find within the email app;
  • Audio clock alarm can be enabled even when the ringer switch is off;
  • Tasks are sortable by due date and priority;
  • App Catalog supports credit card information storage;
  • Location can be found via GPS or Google Services.

This promises to be a nice update, and will surely pave the way for the Palm Pixi. I sure hope Palm fixes the iTunes sync while they’re at it…

[via PreCentral]

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