AT&T BlackBerry Bold 9700 Caught on Camera!


User bestncheap over at the BBOS forums has posted some delightful pictures of the upcoming BlackBerry 9700, aka ‘Onyx‘, aka BlackBerry Bold II. Not too much else to say here, but I do encourage you to bask in the second coming of the Bold’s goodness. Note the ‘Bold’ branding on the back and the helpful battery door removal instructions printed on clear plastic on the back. Oh, that’s so handy! 🙂 At any rate, check out all the images below. Hopefully this gets your heart pumping for the Bold 9700.

Note: I think these may be the first AT&T branded 9700 shots I’ve seen. I’m sitting here scratching my head, can’t recall if I’ve seen any AT&T shots yet. Correct me if I’m wrong or point me to some others in the comments if you can!

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