Palm Pre to Arrive in Spain October 14th?


Keeping with Palm Pre news, I’ve just received some launch date information for the great folks over in Spain. Rumor has it the Pre will launch for you on October 14th. The Movistar Pre will run anywhere from free up to 219 euros, depending on plan, term, etc. You know the deal.

Throw this together with a launch in the UK on October 16th, and Germany on October 13th, and we’ve got a busy few weeks os webOS goodness on our hands! Of course, file this as rumor for now (the Spain launch) as it hasn’t been confirmed by Palm or the carrier Movistar. But I’d suspect the date is spot-on.

Exciting times for a lot of folks in Europe looking to get their hands on the Pre. Stay tuned for more.

[PreCentral via xatakamovil]

  • Dominik

    Good, more customers = more developers taking notice of the OS.

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