Quick Rumor: BlackBerry Bold 9700 Coming to AT&T and T-Mobile October 21st?


Engadget Mobile has just reported on ‘good authority’ that the BlackBerry 9700, aka the ‘Bold II‘, aka the ‘Onyx‘, is coming down the pipe for us on October 21st on AT&T and T-Mobile. Awesome. I know many a BlackBerry user addicted to their Bold 9000, and this latest updated version complete with touchpad and all (and most probably a new OS?) will be a must-have.

Consider the rumor mill on the Bold 9700 officially ‘cranked up’. Now I’ll sit here patiently, with arms crossed, thumb playing with the now ‘old-school’ trackball, waiting for pricing and launch details to flow in.

BlackBerry users stay tuned.

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