T-Mobile bans angry Sidekick customer from forums?

tmobile_logoSidekicks aren’t just for teenage Valley Girls with a SoCal-lisp or pseudo-celebrities desperate for endorsement cash. Nope, Sidekicks are also used by business professionals – like Richard Anderson, for example. This guy claims to have “lost 300+ contacts, 30+ tasks, 20+ notes and countless reminders on his Calendar” when Microsoft’s Sidekick servers decided to crash recently. He’s apparently been using the Sidekick as his business tool for over four years, and rebuilding all that data will take several hours. He also claims that T-Mobile banned him from their Sidekick forums.

Anderson posted suggestions that he thought other T-Mobile Sidekick users might find useful in getting more than a free month’s worth of service from T-Mobile. He suggested that affected users contact T-Mobile’s legal department about the carrier’s negligence on the matter, contact Washington State Attorney General’s office, contact your local State Attorney General’s office, and even give the FCC a heads-up on the matter. It seems T-Mobile didn’t like those suggestions. Anderson says that T-Mobile deleted his post (but has since resurrected it).

“Many people have called T-Mobile, frustrated, because T-Mobile is not offering anything beyond a free month despite the damages we suffered from their negligence,” writes Anderson. “I have seen some people satisfied with an offer of $149 for a new MyTouch phone if they signed another 2 years. Why would you pay another $150 and agree to 2 more years of service with a company that just lost all of your data? So where do you go from here?”

How far will T-Mobile go to smooth things over with Sidekick customers? Will they waive ETF fees for anyone affected by the Sidekick server crash? Will they try their luck against the inevitable class-action lawsuit? Time will tell. But, it would be better if T-Mobile nipped this sucker in the still-growing bud before it gets out of hand.

[Via: Sidekickout2009]

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